Is your closet overflowing? Try this.

Have you ever looked inside your closet and wondered how it became such an overflowing mess? First world problems, I know, but regardless of that, it can be frustrating to look into a giant overflowing mess and wonder just what the heck you’re going to do with it.

I live in San Diego, California, and it’s not cheap to live here. As a result, I don’t exactly live in a sprawling mansion. Closet space is at a premium, so believe me when I say that I get it. I have stared into the abyss of my own closet and wondered just how I got there and what I was going to do about it.

I’ve tried going through everything and just donating items I didn’t want, and it did help a bit, but there’s always that nagging voice of self doubt as you go through each item, wondering if throwing it away will be a mistake.

What if I throw this away and then I need it?

What if, indeed.

The truth of the matter is that we actually need far less clothing than we might believe. Think about what you wear on a regular basis. Chances are, you wear the same 10 or so outfits over and over again. Still, the problem of what to do with all the excess clutter persists.

I have a solution that will really help you to go through all of your clothing with a fresh perspective. Seriously, I do. If you are interested in learning about it, read on, my friend.

Settling matters for good.

What you need to do is go through every single item in your closet. Turn all the hangers around so they are hung on the rack the wrong way, like this:

(Also, thank you to Joscelyn Mariee for your Instagram photo).

You can do this either on a 6 month or a one year time frame, depending on many factors, including where you live (here in San Diego the weather isn’t going to fluctuate as dramatically as in, say, Wisconsin, so 6 months would be sufficient time for me to know if I’m going to wear clothing, whereas somebody in Wisconsin might want to wait longer as they cycle through their seasonal clothing).

Ok, so you’ve gotten all your hangers turned around and you’ve set a date in the future to go through everything. Perfect.

Now all you need to do is live your life normally. Wear your clothes as you do, but when you hang them back up, just put them on the rack normally. When you reach your target date, any items that are still hung up backwards are items you really don’t wear.

Go through those items, as you may have a few things in there that you only wear on special occasions that you might want to keep, but everything else can be donated with the peace of mind that it’s something you really don’t wear.

This is a good exercise to do over and over, as you accumulate new items all the time, so whenever you finish this exercise, just turn everything around and start again!

Easy, and less stressful than trying to sift through everything item by item, analyzing whether or not you need it.

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